Lose 8 lbs: Day 15 – 17


We’re at the half way mark and to be mathematically correct that is I’ve lost -2 lbs.

That’s right.  I’ve actually gained 2 lbs.

Some explanation since that post.  My father inlaw passed away the morning of March 12.   Since then life has been nothing but hectic.  Picking up the pieces of my wife’s broken heart and world, grieving along side her, dealing with rubbish from the city , and putting nutrition, working out, and this challenge on the bottom of my list of priorities.

Normally I’d tap out and say the challenge was a bust due to family circumstances…but this is the point of the challenge!  Shit happens!  Using junk food and garbage life style as self medication is not the solution.

If this were a sports movie this would be the part where I as the coach would be in the locker-room delivering an inspiration talk to the rest of the team.  That yes, we’re down…the other team is winning.  But we’re not going down without a fight.

I have 15 days left (I may have missed a day BTW…but I’m giving myself a break).

15 DAYS / 10 lbs = 0.66 lbs per day

I have to lose just 0.66 lbs a day…that’s it!   Or 5 lbs a week.

To scale things up I’m going to use DailyBurn for the remainder of this challenge to make sure I’m within the ideal calorie intake and burn zone.  Normally I hate counting calories and all that rubbish…but I’m in for the win on the challenge.


By all means follow my progress. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WSmK3qD_0usGS3bo_d-HbWmHrEPbBoK1yZfAu8KqryM/edit?usp=sharing


Day  15:

I give myself a pep talk about how this is it…I’m going to kick ass.

But fail to get to the gym because of this excuse and that excuse.

I stick to healthy meals all day.  I do indulge in 2 bowls of the mother in-law’s amazing vegetarian soup when I got home.

Before bed I have a snack of celery and peanut butter.

Day  16:

Exhausted this morning.

I skip breakfast just get to work at a decent time.

No jogging or gym…seems an ongoing trend.

We had a Couchsurfing couple over last night.  So I had too many glasses of wine and bowl of chips while hosting and making conversation.


* Note to self: “Common Paul!!!!  Stop eating shit goddamnit!!!” *

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