Lose 8 lbs: Day 3

180.2 lbs

Well…some progress but I might be bouncing up.

Started strong this morning with my morning ritual as per Eben Pagan’s Wake Up Productive program. 

 My morning ritual includes 

  • waking up at 6am
  • drinking 2 litres of water
  • 20 minutes of elliptical while reading an inspirational book
  • quick meditation
  • a 30 minute Japanese lesson on italki.com
  • healthy breakfast
  • Oh and get ready for work…feed mutts…give love to wife…etc

This ritual still needs some tweaking but its working pretty good for me.

I decided to streamline my meals by making them in advance.  

Some fish and veggies.

Wow…I was on fire today!!!

To top it off I even ran for the first time this year during my late lunch!  

Say whaa?!


My father inlaw is in the finally stages with his battle with cancer.  

As i write this (approx 1am) I’m in his small apartment surrounded with his family and friends as he’s getting closer to the end of his journey.

So to be honest we’re all snacking and chatting and keeping him company.

I could care less about the weigh in for tomorrow or the next following days.

Hug those you love…be proud of the good efforts…roll with punches.

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