Lose 8 lbs: Day 1-2

Well it’s time for another 30 Day challenge.

This random adventure is brought to by yet another random discussion with my sister Red.

Here’s the break down.  After listening to her express a desire to lose some weight I suggested she add a REWARD and a PUNISHMENT to make this desire a reality.

Therefore after figuring our that on average a person is capable of losing 2 lbs a week anyone is more than capable of losing a modest 8 lbs in 30 days.

The reward is she loses 8 lbs is her treating herself to a pair of skinny jeans I believe.

The punishment would be public humiliation by declaring that she “failed” on her Facebook page with a long post and possibly a video to go with it.  *gasp*

I decided to sign up for the challenge as well.

My reward: treat my wife and I to a professional massage for two

My punishment: public humiliation as well and $100 donation to a charity I’m not crazy about (in the past I used PETA…but vegans don’t annoy me as much these days).

By all means follow my progress. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WSmK3qD_0usGS3bo_d-HbWmHrEPbBoK1yZfAu8KqryM/edit?usp=sharing

Day 1

179.4 lbs

So beginning this Monday I immediately forgot and indulged in McDonald’s afternoon snacking with the wife, followed by a stiff drink (NorCal Margarita), and several sugary and gluten rich crap later that night.

I know full well this will be my ruin the next day.

Day  2

180.8 lbs

Not a great start.

Today I do make it finally to the gym after about a month off.  I push myself through a challenging program I halfass did.

The Big Man on Campus program from BodyBuilding.com

I made it about half way through “Chest, Triceps, Abs” day.  I used the excuse that I was short on time (which was partially true) but more to the point I was running out of energy to make it through all the bloody exercises.

I ate pretty healthy today….if you ignore the chilli from Tim Horton’s and the several sandwiches they had at the Toastmasters meeting tonight.

There was a plan to go to bed early…but instead I’m writing this.

I’m entertaining the idea of running tomorrow….at least 2.5 KM

There’s a 5 KM coming up on the 15th and I partially committed to it…


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