Lose 8 lbs: Day 15 – 17


We’re at the half way mark and to be mathematically correct that is I’ve lost -2 lbs.

That’s right.  I’ve actually gained 2 lbs.

Some explanation since that post.  My father inlaw passed away the morning of March 12.   Since then life has been nothing but hectic.  Picking up the pieces of my wife’s broken heart and world, grieving along side her, dealing with rubbish from the city , and putting nutrition, working out, and this challenge on the bottom of my list of priorities.

Normally I’d tap out and say the challenge was a bust due to family circumstances…but this is the point of the challenge!  Shit happens!  Using junk food and garbage life style as self medication is not the solution.

If this were a sports movie this would be the part where I as the coach would be in the locker-room delivering an inspiration talk to the rest of the team.  That yes, we’re down…the other team is winning.  But we’re not going down without a fight.

I have 15 days left (I may have missed a day BTW…but I’m giving myself a break).

15 DAYS / 10 lbs = 0.66 lbs per day

I have to lose just 0.66 lbs a day…that’s it!   Or 5 lbs a week.

To scale things up I’m going to use DailyBurn for the remainder of this challenge to make sure I’m within the ideal calorie intake and burn zone.  Normally I hate counting calories and all that rubbish…but I’m in for the win on the challenge.


By all means follow my progress. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WSmK3qD_0usGS3bo_d-HbWmHrEPbBoK1yZfAu8KqryM/edit?usp=sharing


Day  15:

I give myself a pep talk about how this is it…I’m going to kick ass.

But fail to get to the gym because of this excuse and that excuse.

I stick to healthy meals all day.  I do indulge in 2 bowls of the mother in-law’s amazing vegetarian soup when I got home.

Before bed I have a snack of celery and peanut butter.

Day  16:

Exhausted this morning.

I skip breakfast just get to work at a decent time.

No jogging or gym…seems an ongoing trend.

We had a Couchsurfing couple over last night.  So I had too many glasses of wine and bowl of chips while hosting and making conversation.


* Note to self: “Common Paul!!!!  Stop eating shit goddamnit!!!” *

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Lose 8 lbs: Day 3

180.2 lbs

Well…some progress but I might be bouncing up.

Started strong this morning with my morning ritual as per Eben Pagan’s Wake Up Productive program. 

 My morning ritual includes 

  • waking up at 6am
  • drinking 2 litres of water
  • 20 minutes of elliptical while reading an inspirational book
  • quick meditation
  • a 30 minute Japanese lesson on italki.com
  • healthy breakfast
  • Oh and get ready for work…feed mutts…give love to wife…etc

This ritual still needs some tweaking but its working pretty good for me.

I decided to streamline my meals by making them in advance.  

Some fish and veggies.

Wow…I was on fire today!!!

To top it off I even ran for the first time this year during my late lunch!  

Say whaa?!


My father inlaw is in the finally stages with his battle with cancer.  

As i write this (approx 1am) I’m in his small apartment surrounded with his family and friends as he’s getting closer to the end of his journey.

So to be honest we’re all snacking and chatting and keeping him company.

I could care less about the weigh in for tomorrow or the next following days.

Hug those you love…be proud of the good efforts…roll with punches.

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Lose 8 lbs: Day 1-2

Well it’s time for another 30 Day challenge.

This random adventure is brought to by yet another random discussion with my sister Red.

Here’s the break down.  After listening to her express a desire to lose some weight I suggested she add a REWARD and a PUNISHMENT to make this desire a reality.

Therefore after figuring our that on average a person is capable of losing 2 lbs a week anyone is more than capable of losing a modest 8 lbs in 30 days.

The reward is she loses 8 lbs is her treating herself to a pair of skinny jeans I believe.

The punishment would be public humiliation by declaring that she “failed” on her Facebook page with a long post and possibly a video to go with it.  *gasp*

I decided to sign up for the challenge as well.

My reward: treat my wife and I to a professional massage for two

My punishment: public humiliation as well and $100 donation to a charity I’m not crazy about (in the past I used PETA…but vegans don’t annoy me as much these days).

By all means follow my progress. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WSmK3qD_0usGS3bo_d-HbWmHrEPbBoK1yZfAu8KqryM/edit?usp=sharing

Day 1

179.4 lbs

So beginning this Monday I immediately forgot and indulged in McDonald’s afternoon snacking with the wife, followed by a stiff drink (NorCal Margarita), and several sugary and gluten rich crap later that night.

I know full well this will be my ruin the next day.

Day  2

180.8 lbs

Not a great start.

Today I do make it finally to the gym after about a month off.  I push myself through a challenging program I halfass did.

The Big Man on Campus program from BodyBuilding.com

I made it about half way through “Chest, Triceps, Abs” day.  I used the excuse that I was short on time (which was partially true) but more to the point I was running out of energy to make it through all the bloody exercises.

I ate pretty healthy today….if you ignore the chilli from Tim Horton’s and the several sandwiches they had at the Toastmasters meeting tonight.

There was a plan to go to bed early…but instead I’m writing this.

I’m entertaining the idea of running tomorrow….at least 2.5 KM

There’s a 5 KM coming up on the 15th and I partially committed to it…


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Day 5-8: Français


Vendredi dernier j’ai eu un bon jour de travail…pêut-être qu’il etait le BBQ ils ont.

Le reunion dans la matin était magnifique aussi! Nous avons parlé le santé et sécuirty au place de travail. J’ai facilité le reunion…et j’aimeriez faciliter les reunions encore dans l’avenir.


Samedi était les premiers sauts de parachutisme de l’année!

J’ai sauté deux fois. Le premier fois avec mes amis, le suivante saut été un etudiant.
J’ai aideé les envoi les trois etudiants qui utilisé les lignes statique.


Le soir de samedi Kristen et moi visités mon cousin Brian et sa femme Julie, et son bébé Nate qui a dix mois.


Jour 7_netflix

dimanche Kristen et moi avons resté chez et regardés plusieurs les films sur nos nouveau télévision.

Nous aimons le Netflix mais il y a un peu difiicile à decider chaque fois une titre à voir.


Jour 8_courir

Aujourd’hui un autre jour de travail. Cette semaine va plus court avec les Pâques.

À heure dejeuner j’ai couru à nouveau cinq kilomètres.

Kristen et moi avons fait les tacos pour dîner et joueé sur iMovie pour ses devoirs.


Last Friday I had a good day of work … maybe it was the BBQ they have .

The meeting in the morning was beautiful too! We talked about the health and secuirty at workplace . I facilitated the meeting … and I would like to facilitate meetings again in the future .


Saturday was the first parachute jump of the year!

I jumped twice. The first time with my friends, the next jump was a student .
I helped send the three students who used the static lines.

Saturday night Kristen and I visited my cousin Brian and his wife Julie, and baby Nate ten months.


Sunday Kristen and I stayed home and watched several movies on our new TV .

We love Netflix but there is a little diflicult to decide each time a title to see.


Today another day of work. This week is shorter with Easter.

At lunch time I ran back five kilometers.

Kristen and I made tacos for dinner and played on iMovie for her homework.

Jour 5_8

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Day 3-4: Français


Je m’excuse!
Hier j’ai été très occupé.

Le travail avec le gouvernment est toujours difficile!

Ensuite après une longue journée ma financee, sa père, et moi allés achats pour un nouvel télévision de plat écran.

Mon dieu!

Cet était un horrible expérience…trop les options!

Puis le Support mural de la télévision n’a pas coopéré…maintenant le mur est un peu détruit. 😦

Peut-être ce soir nous allons être profiter ce jouet éléctronique.

Aujourd’hui je était un peu fatigue avec les projets constantes, mais pour ma l’heure du déjeuner j’ai allé courir pour le deuxiéme fois cet année.

J’etais un peu plus rapide que le dernier fois…par 2 ou 3 minutes.

Maintenant j’ai besoins finir les préparations pour un réunions demain matin.


I apologize!
Yesterday I was very busy.

Work with the Federal Government is always difficult!

Then after a long day my financed, his father, and I went shopping for a new flat screen television.

My god!

This was a horrible experience … too many options!

Then the wall mount TV did not cooperate … now the wall is a bit destroyed. : (

Maybe tonight we’ll be enjoying this electronic toy.

Today I was a little tired with the constant projects, but for my lunch I went running for the second time this year.

I was a little faster than the last time … 2 or 3 minutes.

Now I need to finish the preparations for a meeting tomorrow morning.

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Day 2: Français


Aujourd’hui j’ai fini les beaucoup des choses.

J’ai utilisé la méthode de “Uni-tachant”.

Une projet à la fois, puis la suivante.

Le premier projet ce matin était les repairers du logiciel avec le automation.

Le deuxième projet je l’ai fait un script dans REXX, un langue de programming.

Sans le courrier électronique et les appelles de telephone j’ai fini dés autre choses aussi.

Mais mon voisin a détruit ma clôture avec son fichue de souffleuse à neige pendant l’hiver…maintenant j’ai un nouveau project je vais le détester!

Today I finished many things.

I used the method of “uni-tasking”.

One project at a time, then the next.

The first project this morning as the repairs of automation software.

The second project I did was a script in REXX, a programming language.

Without email or phone calls I finished some other things as well.

But my neighbour has destroyed my fence with his damn snowblower during the winter…now I have a new project I’m going to detest!

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Day 1: Français


Ahh zut!

Un autre de trente jours challenge.

Cette fois, je vais étudier le français chaque jour très intensément.

J’ai besoin faire les ecrites inscriptions chaque jour parce que l’examen va de DELF B1 etre sur 6 de mai.

j’espère ils ont recu mon enregistrement avant la date limite.:P

(oui, Google translate m’a aidé un peu sur cette article)


Ahh damn!

Another 30 day challenge.

This time, I’m going to study french each day very intensely.

I need to make daily entries because the DELF B1 exam is on May 6th.

I hope they received my registration before the deadline.:P

(yes, Google translate helped me a bit on this entry)


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Day 30: Online Business

Well Day 30 has arrived and my challenge is far from where I wanted it to be.



There is a bright-side though.  I knew this challenge was going to be difficult, and December was probably the worst month to tackle this particular challenge.  In fact as I type this I’m getting some grief for not convoying with my sweetheart in a separate vehicle to a New Years house party.  Despite this I made MASSIVE progress on this wishful project that’s been sitting on the back burner for the last 11 months.

  • I was able to build the foundation for the deployment with WordPress, some neat plugins, and Amazon’s S3
  • Although I still have to create the rest of content, I have some experience under my belt working with iMovie and syncing sound with my iPhone
    syncing sound with my iPhone
  • I’ve been able to play with lighting, ordered some softboxes as well
  • Paypal is pretty easy to setup for business

Therefore this challenge will carry on into January and the deployment day extended.

I promise after this challenge will be something perhaps as interesting as the “Gratitude Challenge”.

To more adventures and challenges for 2014.

Happy New Year!

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Day 20: Online Business

A lazy day of movie watching and drinking coffee.

I have about 2 hours before I go out tonight to drink and watch live Irish-Canadian music at my pub.

Tonight’s Quick Objective: Can I generate an account on one WordPress on another?

I might have mentioned my napkin idea in another entry, but I’d like to delivery different packages online.  One one site just some online content for people to watch, and on another site a package with online consultation, in person hands-on, the online content, and a care package.

Therefore I would like to know if this possible or change the whole structure and idea altogether.  Rather a low priority item but something I’ve wanted to resolve.

Results: Yes, I should be able to.


I find a clue setting up and sharing user date across multiple sites.


Concept seems fair…I think.  There will be some changes to database names and some nice nerdy when I’m feeling up for it, including using phpMyAdmin.

It’s nice to tackle these little logistic problems because you learn about all these neato little tools that most host companies provide.

Back when I first made website you made the tools as well!

Now that I have my answer I can prep myself for tonight.

I heard Guinness is “Goodness” for me.

Reminder to myself: Tomorrow marks the 10 day count down to my challenge.

Top priorities:

  1. The remaining videos
  2. Payment button
  3. Sales page

I will follow up an email this years students that took my in person Packing course for feedback and tweak the system in the new year.



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Day 19: Online Business

Another sick day…thus home on Friday night *weep*.

The silver lining is that I will be able to work on 30J tonight.

Tonight’s Object: Get S3 MP4 Video to Run on iphone (and mobile phones in general)

It seems after a bit of testing with another Amazon S3 Bucket I discovered that indeed it’s a permission issue playing the MP4 video download link on my iPhone.

Will have to tweek things around to allow this.

Results: Success!


After some investigation and comparing how my mentor Eben Pagan does his online content I adjusted the permissions to treat my customers with respect rather than criminals.

I was spending a good chunk of time trying to find a clever way to lock down and hide my videos.

Technically they can pirate and share the content I’ll create for free.

So be it.

Technically after purchase its theirs to do with as they wish, including sharing with friends.

In conclusion…iPhone viewing and downloading is working.

Photo on 12-20-2013 at 9.24 PM

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Day 12-18: Online Business

Well this 30journey is close to running off the rails.

I’ll have to dig deep and do some due diligence in the final hours!

I could rant about the busy holiday season, family affairs, entertaining guests, sickness, and the usual time waters and distractions…but what’s that going to do.

I suspect I will AUTOMATICALLY lose another 4-5 days with XMAS, Boxing, New Years Eve, and New Years Recovery.

Since I only have …… 12 – 5 = 7 days or so now the time to start assigning some massive tasks.


Film rest of videos = 3 days

Pay System = 3 days

Video Optimization =1 days


I’ve know in the past that software design project are NEVER on schedule, but this will still give me some much needed gusto to see this Challenge through!

Tonight’s Objective: Video Player Secrets and Optimization

I really look up to Eben Pagan and his business model and technology delivery system.  Tonight I’m going to attempt to figure out he optimizes WordPress with S3 Amazon to deliver incredible service.



Eben Pagan apparently uses EasyVideoSuite.  While that would be ideal and a choice solution, it’s a little out of my budget right now.  Plus, looks a little more geared to marketing tracking and non-techie market.


So on to a free solution for a decent nerd such as myself.


Finding more and more video player plugins with subscriptions attached such as JW Player.  This is starting to add to the costs!


Another batch of beef jerky almost done and decided on solution.

Rather than trying to fight and prevent theft I will make all my videos available for download.  Should my content be worthy of being pirated by my customers that will only be in my service (at least that’s what I’m telling myself).

No scarcity!


Now it appears I’m unable to download and view the MP4 from my iPhone.  That’s no good!


Another 30Journey motivating batch of beef jerky is complete and I’m an inch closer to optimizing my videos.


My next challenge will be to get videos playing on my iPhone.  I’m already suspecting Permissions might be the issue and will have to test that theory tomorrow night.

I swear if this 30Journey is somewhat successful I will put together a delightful PDF with all the steps for free to any other fellow entrepreneurs out there.

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Day 11: Online Business

Another batch of beef jerky cooking, I’m 2 brews in, and bored with this training for work.

Let’s begin

Tonight’s Objective: Optimize Video for Faster Loading from Amazon’s S3 

Stil have not received my camera back from the future father in-law.  I suppose he’s documenting local theatre productions.

Therefore rather creating new content I’ll focus my energy troubleshooting the logistics and performance of the videos online.

Today I tried loading my “Demo” video from Amazon’s S3 which is HD 600’ish MB file.

The other computer and network, while it may have been filtered and firewalled with a serious proxy of sorts, the unload of the video was still a concern.  This is because I had two test video in the same bucket that were about 90 MB that loaded just fine.

It got my thinking that maybe I’m trying too many thing in iMovie or that my compression and setting are OFF the charts.  The test video I serious did nothing, just pull them from my SONY camera.

We’ll see if I can optimize this video tonight a little better.

Results: Success (I think)


    1. I was able to resolve the annoying nav menu issue just by just adding a link for members.  As you can see from the screen its pretty Vanilla the home page.  I can always change it later to a squeeze page or sales letter page.
    2. I saved the file at a lower resolution in iMovie.  I’ll test tomorrow to see what the quality and speed of loading is like and tweak it from there.   My plan is some split testing to see if one is NOTICEABLE better.split_test

Over all a productive night playing.

At the end of this challenge I still have to deliver a quality product.

Therefore I’ll be placing SEVERAL days on content creation for the rest of the course.  Hopefully this weekend will be a start!

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Day 8-10: Online Business


Already a third into this challenge and still quite a way to go.

Last few days I’ve been bogged down at work, feeling myself get sick, and all around hectic Christmas like holiday shenanigans.

Therefore I upped the Vitamin-C, got some more rest, and played between spare cycles to move the project forward.

Today’s Object: Create Course Layout and Package 

  1. A basic layout of what to film next for content
  2. Start brain storming idea for a care package included

Results: Success!


Today I’ve created the course layout via WordPress menus.  There’s some tweaking needed to restrict some views…regardless I now have an idea of how to break up the content videos.

I can always relabel, edit, change things based on feedback.  Although going forward I’ll have an idea what to create for content.  I were to count these individually there’s close to 11 videos I have to create.  Realistically it will be 2-3 video divided up into specific sections.

This does not include the available download materials (PDF and .MP4s) and the Packing Tool, pullup-cord, tubestows and/or elastics, 2-3 closing loops, and FAA Senior Rigger endorsement training card as part of a package.  This will be a trial for local customers and then I’ll investigate what shipping the care package will cost for customers abroad.

I’ve also tinkered with the idea of free Skype consultation sessions as well.

Ideally the ultimate offer they cannot refuse.

I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

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Day 6-7: Online Business


I predict this month will be sabotaged by life.

Yesterday I attend a memorial service for a great family friend and retired computer expert.  A little difficult not to set aside this project for that.

Today our dog damaged herself at the dog park, that was a bit of a time killer on top of mandatory lazy Sunday shenanigans.

Despite that I was able to play with Multisite with WordPress and iMovie to enhance the video I mentioned that I created already.

In short very unproductive weekend because life got in the way.

Time to make the other days more productive!!!!

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Day 5: Online Business

Finally reaching literacy with iMovie or the main content of business idea.

Finished Video 1.

Even finished a batch of homemade jerky.

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 12.29.21 AM



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Day 4: Online Business

Tonight’s Objective: Get Member Registration Working after Payment

Getting closer to having all the spinning parts working.  Next is the automated component of allowing Registration after Payment.

Not certain how this is accomplished…but a MUST for instant “gratifiers“.

Components to glue together:

  • Paypal
  • S2Member plugin
  • OptimizerPress
  • email

Results: Deferred 😦

I was sent to bed early by hoochie.  Meh…always looking out for me.

We had to get up early…however I did up with a sketch of an idea.

[ insert GENIUS napkin like sketch later]

Ideally I would like to use two sites.

Site A: Offers more than one service

Site B: Offer one specific service

Question I cam across…is it possible to automate the registration after payment on Site A for service on Site B.

Then it occurred to me I might just be making this MORE complicated than it needs to be.  I am still going to attempt this layout first.


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Day 3: Online Business

Busy date night with Kristen.

Last night impulsively purchased iMovie but did not get a change to play with it yet…until now.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 10.21.51 PM

Tonight’s Objective: Play with iMovie (learn how to change speeds; mute; etc.)

Honestly I did not feel like doing “real” work with logistics for this project.  Meaning I did not feel like resolving a WordPress error or figuring out a slick automation method for membership enrolment after payment.

These are on the list most certainly.

Tonight I just wanted to get a feel for iMovie and was LOSING my mind trying to figure out how to add effects as simple as speeding up a clip or muting the sound.

Result: Success!

I was about to throw in the towel for the night.  There was no issue “Importing” a clip but all the Modify features seemed to be grayed out.

FINALLY after going through all the features meticulously I learnt you have to click the plus sign with “Create” underneath it and then select either Movie or Trailer.


Makes sense in hind sight…I want to “Create” a project and then import clips, audio, etc.  This would be similar to a Windows application selecting “New [whatever]…”

Oh the fun learning curve I’m having with the Mac world just now in 2013.

Regardless I think I have what I need out of this mission.

I am going to now render my rough edit clip for the product and go from there.


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Day 2: Online Business

Hell of a day!

I decided to crash a serious system at work to make my life difficult.

Meh…as the industry goes.

Did not feel like going to Toastmasters tonight.

Feel like calling it a night… but that would defeat this lovely challenge.

Tonight’s Objective: Get Membership Page Working

The premise of this business is allowing access to a membership which will contain an in depth course on parachute packing and possibly future coaching in the future.

The time being I have the following:

  • Hosting
  • URL
  • OptimizePress (affiliate and info product gurus swear by this plugin)
  • Some lovely Amazon stream video (rough content)

Tonight will be a combination of last night’s efforts.  Membership page and Amazon S3 video restricted to users and/or domain.

**EDIT (12:15am)** Results: Success!

  • Successfully setup a rough members page.
  • Locked down streaming video
  • Roughed a new redirect pay site with my first ever Paypal button (gosh!)

Time to call it a night.  I honestly could plug away all night adding any elements that come to my mind.  The sites are honest becoming a piece of cake to assemble together.

I’m starting to believe the content and sales letters (direct response marketing) will be the truly tricky portions of this whole operation.


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Day 1: Online Business


by Betsy Weber ~ Peldi Guilizzoni, Balsamiq ~ Business of Software 2010, Boston – businessofsoftware.org

Today I listened to an episode of 10xTalk podcast with Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish, read Sumo App’s Jerky challenge, and finally decided it’s time I stop my procrastinating and perfectionism!

My next 30Journey challenge is the deployment of my online business.

Essentially it will be a VERY niche market, teaching novice skydivers how to pack parachutes.

That’s right…an online Parachute Packing Course!!!

It’s an idea I’ve been sitting on and adding to that magic To-Do List that I never seem to get around to…

Well no more!

By Day 30 I’ll be deploying this S.O.B. regardless of how she looks and refine it as I go.

Tonight’s Objective: Getting Streaming video to work with Amazon’s S3.

Sounds nerdxy!!!

(about an hour or so later…)

Result: Success!

Pretty straight forward following this guide and using this S3 WordPress Plugin by Anthony Mills.




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Day 30: Gratitude

Day 30!!!

Finally made it. An amazing experience, might keep it up in an offline journal.

Today I slept in…was served breakfast in
bed…full day of nerdery on my computer…drived in a sketchy snow storm…dinner with family and friends…drived back in sketchy storm…Santa parade too cold to stand in…more sketchy driving…now hibernating.

Grateful for fun and full day.

This picture says it all.


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Day 29: Gratitude

My goodness coming in on the second last day.

Tonight Kristen assembled the tiny Christmas tree she’s had since childhood. What started as a few lovely pics turned into the mandatory effects play with the on screen camera. She is now watching me type this under scrutiny.

I’m grateful she’s very playful!

Photo on 11-22-2013 at 9.07 PM #2

Photo on 11-22-2013 at 9.07 PM #3

Photo on 11-22-2013 at 9.07 PM #6

Photo on 11-22-2013 at 9.07 PM #7

Photo on 11-22-2013 at 9.08 PM #4

Photo on 11-22-2013 at 9.09 PM

Photo on 11-22-2013 at 9.09 PM #2

Photo on 11-22-2013 at 9.10 PM #2

Photo on 11-22-2013 at 9.11 PM #4

Photo on 11-22-2013 at 9.18 PM

Photo on 11-22-2013 at 9.18 PM #2 #2

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Day 28: Gratitude

Busy day…and the evening’s shenanigans have not even started!

Today I’m sending out my gratitude shout-out to “Duolingo”.   For those that don’t know what Duolingo is, its a FREE language learning tool.  I’ve test drove Rosetta Stone before and I believe this is WAY better than what they have to offer.

Last night two friends of mine “friended” me on Duolingo (BrianB and Solo270)…and they’re killing me in their progress this week.

Yes I’m grateful for the friendly competition learning French now but gosh, did I mention they’re killing me?


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Day 27: Gratitude

Chef Ari brought over some beers…yes, free beers after the gym…that should pan things out.

I’m playing on my first Macbook (no this is not a product placement for this site) that I am buying off Chef.

Kristen is not here tonight…but she is in spirit for this entry! (Hugs n kisses Baby!)

Grateful for a great hump day!


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Day 26: Gratitude

I had an unusual dream this morning!

A group of extremists demanded I write an essay or my iphone which was altered as a bomb would explode destroying the entire neighborhood.

I awoke realizing I had forgotten another 30journey entry :P. Oh my mind and its evil payback!

Last night was an excellent Toastmasters’ meeting. I won “Best Evaluator” from my peers for the evening for evaluating a new member’s 1st Icebreaker speech.

The rest of the night was QT (quality time) with Kiss-10 (Kristen).

I’m grateful for my blue ribbon!


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Day 25: Gratitude


The only thing that made today a beauty was visiting Kristen’s nanny tonight after work for dinner.  Esther is pretty amusing.

Here’s a classic photo of her that says it all.


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Day 24: Gratitude

Thank you Mr. President for your fine selection!

(Someone cut me off!!!)


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Day 23: Gratitude

Great day skydiving with friends…excellent house party with excellent hosts after!

Grateful for my circle!






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Day 22: Gratitude

Feeling a little tired and possible falling into Kristen’s evil plan trying to get me sick!

“Vitamin C…bombs away!”

However I’m grateful I was able to push out another author’s fine article on another blog I assist with: www.millennialmainframer.com

What I love about the MM blog is that its made of the same demographic that I’m in.  Millennials and young at heart professionals working with legacy computing system, mainframes.  I truly thought I was a tiny demographic, but after seeking out a very specific niche tribe, lo and behold I found my people.

I’m grateful the Internet is able to bring people together and enable us to share our thoughts and minds!


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Day 21: Gratitude

Here’s something I’m exceptionally grateful for…my family!

My immediate family is quite small, my extended family is HUGE! Since my father passed away back in 2000, I’ve come to realize many things including how lucky I am to have the family that I do.

I most certainly have taken for granted the solid and loving support I’ve received my entire life. It’s only until I see contrast with other families that it reminds me again and again that I have an incredible mother and sister always cheering me on and always watching out for me.

That my late father did his best and was one of the most gentlest and patient fathers a trouble maker such as myself could ask for.

(That handsome cutie front and center is yours truly.)


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Day 20: Gratitude

Guilty pleasures!!!

The household was in much needed pampering after a long hump day.



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